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“I want to get a tan,” and four other terrible excuses as to why people refuse to wear sunscreen 1

“I want to get a tan,” and four other terrible excuses as to why people refuse to wear sunscreen

According to a recent survey of 1,000 adults by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, 31 percent of Americans reported not using sunscreen while 69 percent were occasional users. We’ve all heard it from our loved ones, friends and the media, “Put on your sunscreen before heading outside!” But, with all the sunscreen proponents out there, why are so many not heeding this advice?

Excuse #1: It will affect my vitamin D intake

This “logic” is false. If you’re getting sun exposure, you’re getting vitamin D. The guideline given by many dermatologists is that after 30 to 40 minutes, vitamin D is able to penetrate sunscreen. If you feel as if your vitamin D intake is low, consider a supplement or increase your intake of vitamin D rich foods like fish, eggs and fortified milk. Our pharmacies sell vitamin D supplements, and our staff is happy to assist.

Excuse #2: Skin cancer won’t happen to me

Not necessarily. Skin cancer can affect anyone and poor habits increase suceptability Risk for melanoma (the most serious form of skin cancer) doubles if you have had five or more sunburns. Don’t be a statistic; apply sunscreen as part of your daily routine. To learn more about skin cancer, its signs and symptoms and more preventative measures, visit the Skin Cancer Foundation’s website:http://www.skincancer.org/.

Excuse #3: I want to get a tan

Yes, white pants, flowery tanks and bright colored dresses look great against bronzed, sunkissed skin. However, having a tan can actually be worse for your skin because of all the sun exposure. Additionally, using tanning oil with an SPF 4 in place of sunscreen with an SPF 15 or higher is like wrapping yourself in tin foil. You are literally baking your skin; not good. Since we all want to have that summer glow, think about using bronzers, getting a spray tan, or using self-tanner. Self-tanner has come a long way from when it made your hands and skin orange. In fact, Bain de Soleil® Mega Tan® is an exclusive formula with self-tanner that will help you develop a deep, gorgeous, long-lasting tan in just one afternoon.

Excuse #4: It’s cloudy outside

So what? Sun rays have a way of working their way through just about everything—except freshly smeared sunblock, of course. In fact, about 80 percent of rays pass through clouds. This is why it’s important to use light moisturizers that have an SPF like Anthelios or a sheer sunscreen like Coppertone® Clearly SheerTM spray/lotion or the L’Oreal® Silky Sheer lotion or L’Oreal® Quick-dry Sheer Finishing Spray.

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Excuse #5: I want to avoid the harmful chemicals in sunscreen

It’s 2014, and by now, pretty much every item out there has an organic or natural substitute. While chemicals like oxybenzone and retinyl palmitate might potentially lead to skin cancer, so will not wearing any sunscreen at all. If you prefer to go the chemical-free route, try Babo Botanicals’ Clear Zinc Mineral Sunscreen. Beauty editors from top women’s magazines have been raving about this product, which is available for babies, children and adults. The all natural Clear Zinc Mineral sunscreen comes in a tube or sun stick that will fully protect you for fun in the sun, but without the chemicals. You can purchase this Babo Botanicals product, and many of its others, at New Drug Loft and our other two pharmacy locations.


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