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Dermatology Compounding: Inspiration & Innovation

Welcome to the conference recording registration page for Dermatology Compounding: Inspiration & Innovation hosted by VLS Pharmacy and PCCA.

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The world of dermatology is constantly evolving. Grab your seat at our exclusive conference highlighting some of the most innovative new dermatological offerings and featuring renowned PCCA Speakers Nat Jones, RPh, FAPC, Sara Hover, RPh, FAARM, among others.

VLS Pharmacy, in partnership with Pharmacy Compounding Centers of America, presents an exclusive recording of the Dermatology Conference: Inspiration & Innovation to guide both seasoned providers, as well as those looking to get started.

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Dermatology Conference Topics & Speakers:

  • Avenging Hyperpigmentation & Chemical Peels: Getting Even with Nat Jones, RPh, FAARM
  • Bello Peel Demonstration with Jesenia Moore, BSN, RN
  • Compounding for Cosmeceuticals/Anti-Aging Options with Sara Hover, RPH, FAPC
  • Formulation & Stability Testing of Customized Dosage Forms and Validation of "Beyond-Use-Dates" with Suki Pramar, PhD, M Pharm
  • Compounding for Autoimmune Dermatologic Conditions and the role of Low-Dose Naltrexone with Nat Jones, RPh, FAARM
  • Science of Bases/Cosmeceutical Line with Sara Hover, RPH, FAPC
  • Case Studies with Nat Jones, RPh and Gopesh Patel, RPh