The Benefits of Custom, Compounded In-Office Peels

Fall is a time of reckoning and a buzz of activity for patients. Many will be coming back to your office after long summers of UV-indulgence looking to slough off damage and refresh skin. Others will be coming in for that quick ‘glow’ before an event with no time for downtime. For all patients, good in-office peels are popular, customizable and safe treatment choice that will help turn back the clock on tired skin and brighten the complexion.

With compounded peels, you not only expand your peel selection and choice for patients (and their diverse skin needs), you also lower your cost-per-application. After all, chemical peels are just a matter of chemistry, not magical fake molecules. At VLS Pharmacy, we are chemists; and that means we produce cost-effective and efficacious formulas without the overhead or fluff.

What we offer at VLS Pharmacy and New Drug Loft:

We offer an impressive breadth of peel strengths and multi-ingredient blends for in-office use. There is simply no reason to deal with minimum order quantities, high prices and fancy packaging for in-office treatments. Your peers’ favorite options include:

  • TCA 10-50%
  • Glycolic 20-50%
  • Salicylic Acid 20/30%
  • Jessner (resorcinol 7%/salicylic 7%/lactic 7%)
  • Custom VLS peels and re brightening blends
  • Add-ons: including retinoic acid boosters and hydroquinone

And much more! Feel free to ask for our peel menu and speak to our team.

What are the benefits of custom, compounded in-office peels?

  • Results: compounded peel solutions are formulated by our expert pharmacists to be efficacious, safe and stable so that you can deliver consistent results every time.
  • Personalized service: patients are also looking for more unique, personalized treatments and will research where they can find the best option based on value. A custom peel menu can differentiate your practice from the competition.
  • Control: compounded peels give you the ultimate flexibility and control over the service, product, and experience. You can adapt and customize blends, adjust layering protocols and include performance-enhancing add-ons like a retinoic acid booster based on your patients’ Fitzpatrick skin type, concerns and needs.
  • Cost-competitive: at a competitive cost-per-application, you can offer great results at a price that makes sense for your patients and your practice.

We consult with you to find the best solutions for your patients:

For practices or providers who are looking to get started with in-office peels but don’t know where to begin, our pharmacists are here to help. We always start with the varying types of patient profiles and ‘problems/needs’ they may have, and work with you to offer solutions that are the appropriate match.

Are you a prescriber looking for compounded medical solutions?

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Patient NeedSolution
Weekend Glow/No downtimeAzelaic 20% Topical Solution
Skin Refresh (Pigmentation/Fine Lines)Half-Strength Jessner
Intensive Overhaul (Deep Damage)Full-Strength Jessner, Retinoic Acid and HQ

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