Private Label Skin Care

Private Label Skin Care: Trends and Tips for Success

An interview with AMP Medical Products

VLS Pharmacy (VLS): What is AMP Medical Products and what do you provide that’s different in the market?

The Team from AMP Medical Products (AMP):

AMP Medical Products develops and brands medical grade private label skin care products to dispensing physicians.  We also offer a special division, AMP Aesthetics, which is dedicated to the private label needs of estheticians and medical spas. We offer a complete line of anti-aging products for all skin types. All of our products are manufactured in the USA in FDA-compliant labs, utilizing the most advanced pharmaceutical grade ingredients that are clinically proven for the results-driven patient.

(VLS) Why is private label skin care important and relevant?


With product diversion issues on the rise in the aesthetics industry, it is more crucial than ever that we offer our clients professional products that cannot be purchased outside of a professional setting. More skin care lines are being found widely available from unauthorized online retailers and the risk of your client/patient using an unregulated product is greater than ever.  The effects of this go far beyond simply losing a sale. These products are often expired, altered, or counterfeit. If your client/patient is unlucky enough to experience a frightful reaction to the product purchased per your recommendation, albeit from another business, their distress may result in your loss of professional credibility.

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Private label skin care is the best way to stay impervious to the current product diversion eruption in our industry.  AMP’s skincare line is not available for purchase online and never will be.

(VLS) How has private label skincare changed over the past few years?


Primarily with the evolution of different types of medical practices seeing the value in offering their own brand. For example, it’s not just Dermatologists that are developing a brand anymore, one of our top clients is an OB/GYN practice that specializes in our melasma peel for post-pregnancy patients. We also have ophthalmologists that want a healthy alternative to an eyelash growth serum, wellness/Integrative Health Centers, and Nurse Practitioners that desire the purest ingredients while still providing a medical grade strength product.

(VLS) What are trends AMP is seeing in private label skin care that is shaking up the industry?


Increasingly,  clients are demanding a very high-end look for their packaging. Instead of plain white jars with no box and very basic labels that were the norm in the past, our clients are embracing the process of collaborating with us to produce a very high end label or even silk screening a bottle or jar to create a unique product that will entice a client to purchase directly at the office instead of buying at a cosmetic boutique or department store.

In fact, you could say that doctors are giving traditional stores some competition, as they come to realize that a high-quality product isn’t enough, but that the packaging and look has to match the needs and demands of today’s consumer.  Everything has been elevated, even our sample/travel sizes. We have never seen such a high demand for custom skin care kits and TSA-friendly sizes in custom cosmetic bags; everyone is on the go today and stylish and convenient travel is a big part of a busy lifestyle.

(VLS) Any new technologies/raw materials or textures that AMP is particularly excited about right now?


We’re excited about our new Virtual Aesthetician feature that has been added to our website. Skin care professionals that are on our website will have the ability to access a live, professional AMP Certified Aesthetician who can answer questions immediately via chat with or without audio/visual.  Whether a client has a quick question that they prefer to engage in over a text chat, video or audio chat, the choice is theirs – it’s their preference that counts. This allows AMP to stay at the forefront of the medical skin care trends and assist our customers in the most efficient way possible.

(VLS) Any tips on making private label skincare a success at a medical practice?


Product education, custom marketing materials, patient protocols, product layout/retailing displays, and having a dedicated product specialist on staff are all essential methods for supporting a successful medical grade private label line.

Focusing on a couple key products catered to the specific needs of your clients/patients to address their skin concerns is also a must. Environment, demographics, climate, and various other factors can vary greatly among practices, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all skin care brand and that’s where private label really comes into play. Offices can cherry pick a few products or even create a custom formula to suit their needs.

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