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Drug Shortages

The implication of drug shortages in medicine can have far-reaching implications for patient health and care.
Prescription drugs

We know the challenges prescribers face as they try to recommend the best treatment and prescriptions but face backorders and impending discontinuations for the commercial medications they rely on.

At New Drug Loft and VLS Pharmacy we believe in a strong partnership with prescribers and the need for expert support to help you meet your patients’ needs. With safe, quality-centric compounding we:

  • Quickly fill prescriptions due to manufacturer delays and backorders.
  • Compound medications that are no longer available.
  • Adjust dosing and delivery systems as required for unique patient needs.

We commit to being a resource in the industry for quickly filling prescriptions and advising on efficacious compounded solutions to drug shortages.

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Compounding for Sclerotherapy

New Compounded Solutions

Sodium tetradecyl sulfate solution for sclerotherapy

Sodium tetradecyl sulfate solution is a sterile anionic surfactant solution that acts as a sclerosing agent to stimulate intimal inflammation and thrombus formation.

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