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Compounded Medical Solutions for Prescribing Physicians

Committed to creating the safest, custom prescription medications for your patients.

We recognize the challenge of finding the best prescription solutions for your patients, and trying to ‘fit’ their
needs into the confines of widely available commercial drugs. That is why hundreds of physicians have turned
to us to collaborate on the possibilities of medications built from scratch.


Why Physicians Choose Compounding

Factory-made medication is available in a limited range of doses and it often contains insidious allergens and fillers. Compounding offers flexibility to provide a patient with the exact required dose, to remove allergens and to convert it into a form the patient will enjoy taking. We do this in our state-of-the-art lab to ensure an efficacious formula is generated from scratch. This method will often better suit your patients’ needs and budgets because customized medication is always a perfect fit.

Compounding has experienced a resurgence as technology and techniques have modernized to meet the custom needs of today’s patients.

The benefits of compounding

  • Customize active ingredients and concentrations by combining complimentary medications into a single dose format.
  • Alleviate financial burdens imposed by rapid and unpredictable price increases.
  • Formulate prescriptions with adjustable dosage forms to ensure patient compliance. Medications (i.e. capsules or tablets) can be converted into easy to administer forms including oral capsules, lotions and creams, transdermal gels, rectal/vaginal suppositories, sublingual drops, pre-measured oral and topical syringes, powers, sprays, and more.
  • Recreate medications that are discontinued, on shortage or difficult to source.
  • Personalize medications reflective of your patients’ allergies or sensitivities.
  • Conceptualize medications that are easy to use for unique patient profiles such as children, the elderly or those with dysphagia.
  • Partner with our expert pharmacy team who are at your disposal to collaborate on formulations, especially if you are new to writing prescriptions for compounded medications or if you have a novel idea you want to bring to fruition.

Why Physicians Choose Us

As a 503A pharmacy, we are honored to serve physicians and their patients around the country and take pride in the trust we have earned through years of investment in technology and training. Our commitment to excellence across all facets of our business is self evident from unparalleled quality controls and premium service to our broad compounding capabilities. We can always be relied upon to have a solution.

  • Quality and Safety

    Protecting your patients and producing the best, efficacious formulations for them is our number one priority. We have countless measures in place to ensure that we comply and even exceed state and national compounding regulations and standards.

    All APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients) are sourced from PCCA, have MSDS (material safety data sheets) and certificates of analysis to support levels of purity and potency.

    We conduct third-party potency and sterility testing and in-house rapid endotoxin detection.

    Our compounding lab facilities have stringent safety and quality checks. Read more here.

  • Diverse Sterile and Non-sterile Capabilities

    As patient needs and demands become more diverse, it is our priority to provide you with the broadest range of capabilities possible for every eventuality.

    Our pharmacies offer non-sterile solutions that encompass everything from topical anesthetics, bio-identical hormone replacement, and dermatological peel preparations to sterile solutions such as intravenous therapies for anti-aging, vitamin supplementation or prescription ophthalmic drop preparations.

    As members of PCCA we have unprecedented access to over 8,000 active proprietary formulas that have been pre-tested using only PCCA chemicals. These formulas undergo rigorous inspection and make the options for customization and variety practically limitless.

  • Premium Service

    We know you are busy managing your practice and caring for your patients. Our commitment is to offer you service that is prompt, thorough and makes your job easier.

    To support you, we offer continual resources for education and expert advice so that you feel confident and informed.

    With every prescription received, our expert team will work with you and your staff to ensure that the prescription process is complete and that we understand exactly what you are prescribing for the patient

    Once a prescription is ready we will notify your office and the patient. We aim to finalize preparations within 24 hours and exclusively send prescriptions by overnight FedEx mail.

    We offer continuous patient outreach and support for questions they may have about their prescription and administration, so you can feel confident that your patients are getting the answers they need from the pharmacists you trust.


Our Medical Specialties

We are proud to offer a vast array of compounding expertise that meets a wide range of medical specialties and covers both sterile and non-sterile capabilities. One growing area of specialty in the integrative medicine space is intravenous (IV) therapy; an essential service that meets an expanding demand among patients for alternative, holistic therapies.


Our Compounding Facilities

Our state-of-the-art sterile and non-sterile compounding facility embodies the level of care we invest in our business to meet our physician and patient needs. These designated labs are equipped for non-sterile compounding as well as sterile preparations and hazardous drug substances at the highest quality standards set by USP. This enables us to compound medications for intravenous and intramuscular administration as well as ophthalmic preparations.

Innovative Design

  • USP <797> sterile rooms, one segregated for hazardous drugs.
  • Cleanroom systems for product protection.
  • HEPA-filtered airflow ISO Class 5 Laminar flow hoods to preserve uniform airflow, prevent sample contamination and create a particulate-free work area.
  • Amber hood workbench technology uniquely used to compound photosensitive substances including hydroquinon, retinoic acid and methylcobalamin
  • A team of PCCA trained and certified technicians that work exclusively in our sterile lab

Sterile & Non-Sterile Compounding


    We continually go above and beyond state and federal standards to achieve an unprecedented level of quality control. Much like a large pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, our lab is monitored for temperature, humidity and airflow 24/7/365. Patient safety is dictated by the following measures:

  • We are both USP <71> and USP < 81> compliant for in-house sterility and anti-microbial assay testing.
  • All of our active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are sourced from FDA-approved facilities with MSDS and certificates of analysis to support purity and potency levels.
  • Every component is traced to ensure it is never contaminated or compromised through the sterile compounding process.

Our step-by-step quality control process:


Our Sterile Lab Capabilities

Addressing the full spectrum of patient needs is at the heart of our business. Whether this includes nutritional intravenous preparations or ophthalmic care, we have an extensive range of sterile compounding solutions that give you the options your patients deserve.

Read More

Explore Our Compounding Labs

An Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) is carefully sifted and measured for precise dosing. Our state of the art non-sterile facilities feature a USP compliant room separated for the preparation of hazardous drug substances. Our lab environment monitoring system features controls so that medication is produced in a predictable, consistent and reliable environment. This system is unique to our facility and was created by the same company used by Merck pharmaceuticals. Our compounding technicians are all trained and certified by PCCA, the industry’s most comprehensive resource. A technician prepares a customized dose of thyroid medication (T3 and T4) for a patient who cannot tolerate Synthroid ®. In the age of evolving technology, a mortar and pistal aren’t the only tools in our compounding arsenal. Our RAM mixer ensures a perfectly blended formula every time. All materials that enter clean rooms must be introduced via our specially-designed pass-through box. Sterile compounding technicians receive aseptic training which includes precise protocols for appropriate suiting. Uniforms and gloves may only be worn once per entry into a clean room. Once medication has been sterilized, it is passed through to a receiving technician. It will then be packed and delivered to a patient. A state-of-the-art amber hood is used to compound light sensitive drugs such as hydroquinone, retinoic acid and methylcobalamin. Without this integral technology, medications begin to degrade immediately upon exposure to light. Sterile preparations are created with the highest levels of care and in strict adherence to USP guidelines. Our sterile compounding technician prepares a nutritional IV blend custom formulated for a patient with Parkinson’s Disease.
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We commit to an extremely high level of accreditation and licensing in the industry.

NDL*Only VLS Pharmacy holds this credential.

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Create Custom Cosmeceutical Compounds

Not every commercially available formula has what you need and want, whether that’s due to ingredient choices or aesthetic variables. With our private label program you can customize and design exclusive, branded formulations that make sense for your practice and patient needs (and don’t force you to compete with online retailers). If you choose to dispense products from your office, there is no better way to retain sales and patient loyalty.

  • Collaborate with us to curate formulations that embody the quality, efficacy and aesthetic results you’re looking for.
  • Select packaging and label designs that reflect your brand.
  • Sell products with confidence knowing that your patients will be satisfied and will return to replenish their order.
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