Menopause is trending. Pharmacy is not.

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With the proliferation and popularity of the topics of menopause and perimenopause, there are a lot of new players to contend with. Some days it may seem like everyone is vying for your time when all you need is a sound source for evidence-driven solutions. Our resource center is just that - a place for you to learn, absorb, and become empowered to make the best decisions for you.

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Our pharmacies have been in business since the 1980s and our experts have been assisting women with the transition from child bearing to not, for decades. We pride ourselves on offering unbiased and scientifically founded information to allow you and/or your patients to live their best lives.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

The most common female patient complaints we hear are the frustrations and discomforts connected to hormone changes and fluctuations. Whether in perimenopause (the up to ten year period prior to the last menses) or once menopause has been reached (12 months without menses), course correcting with the replacement of sex hormones is, for many, the best course of action. With the onset of menopause, many women will feel symptoms that include hot flashes, increases in fatigue, mood swings, hair loss, dry skin and urinary tract infections. There are 34 symptoms most commonly reported with the onset of menopause and they may be present transiently or frequently. VLS Pharmacy and New Drug Loft can help.

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Vaginal, Pelvic and Genital Health

At every age and phase of life, women may face personal health issues that impact the health or the comfort of the genital area. Whether that takes the form of a yeast infection or vaginal bacterial overgrowth, there are compounded options to treat conditions when commercially-available drugs have fallen short or when multi-phasic therapy is needed in a single dosage form.

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Sexual and Reproductive Health

Whether a woman is frustrated by chronic vaginal discomfort during intercourse or facing the challenges of infertility, we help prescribers offer custom compounds that will support the sensitivities of all sexual and reproductive needs whether that is hormone replacement therapy or other essential treatments.

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Topical Anesthetics for Aesthetic Procedures

Many women no longer have to suffer in silence (or consider surgery) to address painful intercourse, urinary incontinence, and vaginal aesthetics. We prepare custom anesthetics precisely formulated for exterior vaginal procedures to help numb the area and minimize discomfort.

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Note: We also provide compounded solutions for weight management. To learn more, visit our Weight Loss Management page.

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Our pharmacies formulate bespoke medical solutions to support feminine healthcare needs including hormone replacement therapy for menopause and PMS as well as medications that support reproductive and fertility issues. Throughout the course of everyday life, we are exposed to environmental and dietary toxins, which contribute to the natural shift in hormones and the inevitable declines experienced as we age. Women may begin to experience hormone imbalances as young as 30 (sometimes younger). The result is that there is a broad range of opportunity for improving the quality of life, especially treatment for:

  • Pregnancy
  • Infertility
  • Post-Partum Depression
  • Irregular menses
  • Peri-menopause

In order to optimize hormonal health and overall wellness, it is important to be evaluated by a highly- trained physician, have comprehensive lab testing and in-depth initial questionnaires for a thorough diagnosis, and to work with a compounding pharmacy team astute in this delicate area of medicine.

We appreciate that just as every woman is unique, many women’s health issues, concerns, and symptoms benefit from the customized solutions offered by our compounding pharmacies.

All compounds are formulated and prepared by our licensed pharmacists and are available in a variety of dosages and applications to meet patients' needs. All products are formulated using PCCA bases that have been engineered specifically for delicate areas to ensure efficacy and accurate dosing. Injectable medications are prepared in our USP <797> compliant sterile lab facilities at VLS Pharmacy.

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Lisa Weiner IntratorLisa Weiner Intrator
18:27 17 Aug 23
Wonderful staff; wonderful pharmacy
Leslie AdismanLeslie Adisman
14:25 08 May 23
Finally, I have found a great pharmacy that offers excellent care, good customer service, and, most importantly, knowledgeable pharmacists. For years, I've been struggling with the ineptitude of the large chain stores that have pharmacies located inside of them. You can guess their names. There are only two of them, although they are located on almost every block in NYC. Because New Drug Loft accepts my health insurance, I will never set foot in the two drugstores unless I am forced to.
Paula HPaula H
21:42 15 Dec 22
Everything about this place is wonderful!
Makayla MurphyMakayla Murphy
23:11 21 Nov 22
Great indie pharmacy with lots of offerings
Laura YooLaura Yoo
16:30 19 Nov 22
Liliana GillLiliana Gill
11:48 03 Oct 21
Wonderful place with an amazing staff. They are more like family. Ben cares for his customers. Only reason I didn't give the place a five is because sometimes you have to wait for the medication to come for a while but that's not their fault as much as the manufacturer 's and that my medications are a pain in the neck to get. It's a great place and I honestly recommend it. When I post a review I really mean what I say. I've been going to them for several years now. It's a wonderful break from the impersonal chain store and I think the staff makes that difference. Have a nice day.🤗
22:58 03 Aug 21
New Drug Loft pharmacy has always been my place of choice for all my needs. They have such a huge selection of products and the service by all the workers is outstanding. I've moved recently but every time I come to NY I can't go without visiting this great pharmacy. There new location is twice the size from the before. Congratulations in your move. Way to go, it's beautiful.
Vallery DazaVallery Daza
19:18 29 Jul 21
I’ve been working in this pharmacy for 6 months now and all I can say is that it’s an honor to be working here. Observing everyone in this work place since day one, I’ve seen how much they care about each and every customer which is why we have so many loyal customers come in our store all the time. They will literally make you feel like family. We go from compounding medicine to retail… you will not be disappointed with New Drug aloft..come visit us!
Sandra HaugenSandra Haugen
22:52 19 Jul 21
I was recently in NY and had the pleasure of visiting my favorite pharmacy, New Drug Loft. They have recently moved over from their old location to a new address on 2nd Avenue. It’s a beautiful new store at a great location. If you are in need of essentials or a place to get your prescriptions filled, this is your place. I have been coming here through the years and will continue to do so because of the personal service I receive. The faces and voices are friendly and always willing to help. They have a vast variety of toiletries, soaps, perfumes, creams and lotions. Most of them high end and very convenient to find. They are a compounding pharmacy as well, which are few and far between. I much prefer to shop here instead of one of the large cold corporate chains that just don’t know how to treat their customers. I encourage you to stop in and check it out if you are in the neighborhood. You won’t regret it!