Edetate Disodium 1-3% Ophthalmic Solution

Edetate Disodium 1-3% Sterile Ophthalmic Solution 15mL

Edetate Disodium (EDTA) drops for topical ophthalmic use. Commonly prescribed to treat calcium deposits across the cornea as with band keratopathy.

  • Volume: 15ml
  • Concentration: 1-3%
  • We exclusively compound sterile Edetate Disodium (EDTA) drops for ophthalmic use only
  • Compounded in a sterile compounding facility that is <795>, <797> and <800> chapter compliant

Contact us to inquire about customizations and for detailed pricing information. Please note that all compounds require a valid, patient-specific prescription.

Edetate Disodium 1-3% Sterile Ophthalmic Solution 15mL
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