Nutritional IV Webinar

Nutritional IV Therapy: An Expert Overview

Public demand for nutritional IV therapy has soared, yet, for practitioners, there is little access to reliable information. Now, that changes.

VLS Pharmacy, in partnership with Pharmacy Compounding Centers of America and Don Bottoni, RPh., present an exclusive webinar to guide both seasoned providers, as well as those looking to get started.

In our expert webinar you will learn:

  • An overview of the most common IV infusions: Myers’ Cocktail, Vitamin C, Glutathione, Lipoic Acid (MIC) and NAD+
  • Suggested infusion combinations and patient profiles
  • Precautions, tolerability, and best practices

Full Recording Available Online

90 minutes in length

30 minutes of engaging Q&A

Includes exclusive ‘getting started’ handout


A booking fee of $99 is required to secure your access to the webinar recording. All registrants receive an electronic copy of Nutritional IV Therapy, An Overview as well as consultative practice support.

We look forward to hosting you!
The Team at VLS Pharmacy

Don Bottoni, RPh

Don Bottoni, RPh., FACA

Don Bottoni, RPh., is regarded as one the leading experts in the fields of nutrition and pharmaceutical compounding. He has been a pharmacy consultant for PCCA since 2010 and has over 40 years of experience in sterile compounding, BHRT, and nutrition. A graduate of Texas Tech University, Don has worked in independent pharmacies such as Abrams Royal Pharmacy and People’s Pharmacy and has led numerous international seminars across the US on nutrition and sterile compounding.

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