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Compounding for Dermatology

*New* Stricter quality controls ensured for American Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

In the field of pharmaceutical compounding, nothing is more important than assuring that all active ingredients are pure and potent. Without this assurance, quality is sacrifice, efficacy is not guaranteed and patient safety is at risk.

Early on, our pharmacy network made the critical decision to exclusively source our APIs through the PCCA (The Professional Compounding Centers of America) network. Today Pharmacy Benefit Managers are requiring claims filed only be verified accredited wholesale distributors (VAWD) members – an accreditation that PCCA has had since 2008.

Why is this important?

  • The VAWD program is run by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) which ensures top-level compliance with state and federal laws and other essential criteria. This plays an important role in guaranteeing that APIs are never contaminated, counterfeit or diverted and that member API suppliers are licensed and in good standing. As many pharmacies source their APIs directly from China and other non-compliant suppliers, this assurance is all the more important!
  • Any organization that has his VAWD seal has undergone a thorough screening and survey of its facility, operating policies and procedures.

With our longstanding sourcing relationship with PCCA we are confident that our ingredients meet the highest quality, safety and regulatory checks that exist in the industry. It’s a commitment to excellence that we are proud of and will continue to uphold as an integral part of premium compounding care.

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