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Hyperpigmentation and The Fall Season

Post-summer skin has a familiar set of characteristics: dull, problematic and most of all, pigmented. As patients return from vacation and more care-free days in the sun, the biggest need in the practice becomes high-potency lightening creams to tackle hyperpigmentation with maximum efficacy.

The market place for spot correctors, lightening and brightening products is as oversaturated as the price points are high but the need gap for prescription-strength solutions can be met, and at a price point that makes sense for a practitioner and the patient!

At New Drug Loft and VLS Pharmacy, compounded solutions for hyperpigmentation are vast and are typically more cost-effective than commercial medications. These include:

  • Customized blends delivered as creams or gels based on formulation preference
  • Bleaching agents including hydroquinone, kojic acid, azelaic acid, arbutase and niacinamide all of which can then be combined with antioxidants and/or retinoids*
  • Allergen and preservative free-formulas

*All formulations that include light-sensitive ingredients such as hydroquinone or retinonic acid are exclusively compound in our state-of-the-art amber hood in our labs to help prevent degradation.

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