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Help Your Patients Feel Confident With Cutting-Edge Compounding Options

As we approach St. Patrick’s Day, your patients may be thinking about getting lucky – both in and out of the bedroom. Unfortunately, many people are troubled by low libido, erectile dysfunction, or menopausal symptoms that make sexual intimacy difficult and frustrating. Additionally, they may face hair loss that impacts their confidence. There’s no reason to accept these problems and continue to cope with them though. Help is available with custom compounding options, and the right base can be a true game-changer. 

At VLS Pharmacy and New Drug Loft, we offer a variety of compounding options with the highest quality ingredients and processes to meet the unique needs of your patients. In today’s blog post, we want to highlight our deep skin penetrating liposomal base as well as our hydrogel hydrophilic polymer base. 

What Is a Compounding Base?

Before we dive in, let’s have a quick refresher. A compounding base is the inactive component of a topical solution (like a cream or gel) that holds the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) together to form a consumable product. It is the base in a compounded cream or gel that retains and delivers the active ingredient to the action site on the body in a stable state, regulating the rate and extent of release. Even better, with the right base, a pharmacist can further individualize treatments for your patients.

Our Deep-Permeating Liposomal Base

At VLS Pharmacy and New Drug Loft, we use a liposomal base that is ideal for deep-penetrating topical formulations and allows for local and systemic absorption of APIs. Unlike the pluronic lecithin organogel (PLO), this base can comfortably deliver up to four different active ingredients at once. Plus, it is scientifically proven to perform better than PLO in terms of absorption. It enhances the permeation of even water-soluble compounds or drugs because it retains the drug on the skin thereby promoting transdermal transportation. Additionally, it is stable under refrigeration as well as at room temperature. 

The advantages of our deep-permeating liposomal base include:

  • Enhanced delivery: Historically, it has been a challenge to deliver a combination of active ingredients at once in a compounded medication. However, our deep-permeating liposomal base supports transdermal absorption of up to four active compounds in a single preparation. Additionally, there are no concerns for stability, preservation of individual properties of the drug, and drug-drug physical interaction.
  • Quality, efficiency, and convenience: This base offers improved quality and efficiency for compounding pharmacists as well as increased convenience for patients.
  • Physical stability: Our deep-permeating base is potent and efficient for various storage conditions, making it flexible for use in cold creams that require refrigeration. 
  • Soothing for sensitive skin: This deep-permeating base makes compounded creams suitable for use on sensitive or intimate skin. Thanks to the finesse of its texture, it can be used to compound smooth and silky creams and gels stable enough for testosterone products as well as estrogen and progesterone therapy. 

Our Advanced Topical Base with a Unique Hydrogel Polymer Network

We also offer an advanced topical base with a unique hydrogel polymer network and natural enhancers for improved drug delivery. It is a premium base made from complex hydrogel polymer with organic enhancers, and is deeply penetrating and tolerable to the skin. This hydrogel polymer base is great for testosterone delivery for targeted therapies. 

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The advantages of our hydrogel base include:

  • Quality testosterone delivery: Our hydrogel base delivers a high percentage of absorption of the testosterone amounts in a topical preparation, leading to superior results when compared to other bases. 
  • No adverse skin effects: It’s no secret that the harshness and drying effect of alcoholic bases is unappealing. To combat this issue, our hydrogel base is formulated without alcohol to deliver a significantly more tolerable experience on the skin.
  • Enhanced permeation: Medications compounded with this base cross the skin layer quickly without leaving behind a repellant and sticky residue.

The Importance of These Unique Compounding Bases for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Your patients should be able to explore their sexual desires without hitches related to age or health status. Fortunately, problems like the inability to sustain an erection, vaginal dryness, or a lack of sexual appetite can often be addressed with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). This special category of medication is very compatible with the biological system, meaning that testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone look similar to biological substances. 

Testosterone Cream

Testosterone cream developed with our deep-permeating liposomal base or unique hydrogel base will increase dihydrotestosterone levels thanks in part to the high rates of absorption for both bases. Additionally, these creams have been developed to avoid harsh skin reactions and fast results due to high permeability. 

Our hydrogel base is tested and confirmed to transdermally deliver more testosterone – 300 percent more than its competitor base and 200 percent more than the well-known alcohol surfactant solution. The skin absorbs this base quickly without leaving behind an oily residue. The risk of skin hypersensitivity is minimal because it is formulated without alcohol, parabens, and mineral oils.

Bioidentical Estrogen or Progesterone Therapy

Low sexual libido from a decreased level of female hormones can occur at any age. Bioidentical estrogen or progesterone creams may help to counter this effect, even in menopausal and post-menopausal women. Estrogen, progesterone, or a combination of replacement therapy creams may raise female libido to a more optimal level. If these therapies are compounded using either of our bases, vaginal lubrication is often guaranteed, allowing for more comfortable sexual intercourse for the female partner.

Our deep-permeating liposomal-based BHRT creams are developed from a vegetable base. Because these formulations are thicker in consistency, they effectively but gently penetrate the skin. For female BHRT, the hydrogel base is a thinner consistency. This feature makes it effectively lubricating while still delivering the optimum absorption of hormones.

Compounding for Hair Loss at VLS Pharmacy and New Drug Loft

Compounding for hair loss may pose a challenge to prescribers, particularly if they have to combine active ingredients in a formulation. Fortunately, our base options make this process streamlined and effective. For example, our deep-permeating base offers the optionality of combining minoxidil (a vasodilator) and biotin (a water-soluble B vitamin) in one medication to effectively address hair loss. With both the deep-permeating liposomal base and the hydrogel base, the strengths of minoxidil can be manipulated to suit male and female genders. 

Baldness in men may be caused by fluctuating levels of testosterone that naturally occur as they age. Our potent testosterone cream, created with our unique hydrogel base, provides an accessible and powerful solution. In fact, our hydrogel base may be the most suitable preparation available for male hair loss. It is thinner and lacks the side effects that oftentimes accompany other bases.

VLS Pharmacy and New Drug Loft

As a 503A pharmacy specializing in sterile and non-sterile compounding, we will support you and your patients by creating safe, individualized, and effective pharmaceutical therapies. For men and women at any age, feeling healthy, confident, and comfortable is of the utmost importance. Your patients’ needs will change with each life stage. As such, they require an adaptive and personalized treatment plan. By working with a trusted compounding pharmacy like VLS Pharmacy and New Drug Loft, you are expanding the possibilities for successful and sustainable care.


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All medications from VLS Pharmacy and New Drug Loft are prepared in a lab that follows safety and quality standards per our status as a 503A pharmacy.



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