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Fighting Fat with Compounding

Fighting Fat with Compounding

The Market for Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

It is no longer new ‘news’ that there is an aesthetic trend towards non-surgical procedures for stubborn body fat. Following the liposuction craze of the 1980s and 90s, there was a desire for more minimally invasive treatments that could reap the same results. Today, we’re spoiled for choice; there are countless new fat reduction treatments that will help eliminate unwanted fat across body areas that frustrate women (and men!) the most: the inner thighs, the underarms and the stomach “pooch”, among others.

While there are countless advanced modalities at work today, from freezing fat cells to the use of high-energy radiofrequency to melt it away, one treatment that is gaining a lot of attention is the use of deoxycholic acid to target and disrupt submental fat cells that are contributing to lower facial fullness (the notorious “double chin”).

The Opportunity

With demand at an all-time high (the Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery noted a 4% increase in these non-invasive procedures being performed year over year in February 2015), it only makes sense that physicians explore off label options that will maximize patient solutions for fat reduction. At VLS Pharmacy and New Drug Loft we can help physicians find creative solutions to take advantage of this lucrative cosmetic opportunity.

  • Sterile deoxycholic acid preparations for injectable use.
  • Custom dosages to support unique patient fat reduction needs across the body.
  • Cost-effective formulations prepared with deoxycholic acid alone or with phosphatidylcholine.

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