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1. Are you a 503A or 503b Pharmacy?

We are licensed 503A compounding facilities. Learn more about what that means here.

2. Where are you licensed?

We are currently licensed in 20 U.S. states and are continually expanding our state licensures on a monthly basis. Please contact us if you have any specific questions.

3. Where are you located?

VLS Pharmacy Inc and New Drug Loft Pharmacy are independent pharmacies with single locations at 4402 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY, and 1410 Second Ave, New York, NY, respectively. No additional pharmacies are affiliated with our entities. For inquiries, please contact

4. Will you require prescriptions for all compounded medications?

We are a 503A compounding pharmacy which means we cannot compound medications without a patient-specific prescription approved by a prescribing practitioner. This helps us maintain a patient-first approach and personalized customer service standards. Please read more here.

5. Where are you based and where do you compound medications?

We have two physical pharmacy locations in New York State – a retail location called New Drug Loft on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and VLS Pharmacy in Brooklyn which combines a retail location with our state-of-the-art sterile and non-sterile laboratory facilities.

6. Do you work with/compound for and ship to practices and providers outside the United States?

We are thrilled to receive so many inquiries from practitioners around the globe but, unfortunately, we are unable to work with countries outside the United States at this time.

7. Why should I choose VLS Pharmacy?

We are glad you asked! We absolutely couldn’t summarize it all here so we invite you to read all about ‘Our Difference’ on the dedicated page, take a digital tour of our pharmacy, and learn more about how our status as a 503A pharmacy ensures that you are getting top quality, safe formulas and white glove customer service 24/7.


8. I’m looking to integrate nutritional IV therapy into my practice. How can I get started?

Congratulations! We are committed to providing you with robust educational resources so that you can make the best decisions for your practice and patients.

  • To begin, please reach out to our Business Development expert, Samantha Blakeney, for a warm welcome and with any specific questions:

9. What common IV formulas/“cocktails” do you produce?

We can produce any range of “popular” formulas, from the Myers’ Cocktail to blends that are commonly used to help boost immunity, mental clarity, weight management and physical recovery (and that is just the beginning!). The good news? We are here to partner with you on what might work best for your patient population, so please contact our team to find out more.

10. What is your IV formula pricing/can you share a price list?

We would be happy to share pricing details with you. Please email us directly so that we can make sure you get the best and most accurate information possible.


11. I don’t know how to write a prescription for a compounding pharmacy.

We are here to help! Please refer to this comprehensive step-by-step document as a starting point.

12. I am interested in getting started with VLS Pharmacy. What do I do now?

Fantastic! Please complete this new account form as a first step. We will be in touch soon!

13. How can I keep up with all of the VLS Pharmacy news?

Sign up for our newsletters and follow us on LinkedIn! Visit this page to select the topics that most interest you. We look forward to staying in touch!