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Compounding Opportunities: Preparing For Fall 2016

Compounding Opportunities: Preparing For Fall 2016

Quieter summer months are the perfect time to explore new products that can revive service offerings for patient needs and recharge the business opportunity.

Practices often don’t know what is possible with compounding, but will be amazed at the chance to truly customize medical and cosmetic therapies that align with goals, patient profile and branding. At New Drug Loft and VLS Pharmacy, our dedicated team will partner with a practice to develop and integrate a host of tailor-made compounding solutions, including some of the following:

1. Custom Chemical Peels

By combining unique acid blends that best fit practice specialties, compounding specialists can design anything from a TCA peel for targeted anti-aging to a high-performance salicylic treatment for acne and pore decongestion. We also offer well-known formulations in bulk sizes for a fraction of the price!

2. Nutritional Therapies

With a rising trend towards holistic care that goes beyond topical treatments, we are increasingly supporting practices as they explore nutritional IV therapies. These in-office treatments include vitamins and minerals via IV as well as IM and subcutaneous lipotropic injections for weight loss, detoxification and chelation.

3. Proprietary Brightening Treatments

The resounding frustration we hear among healthcare providers is the limitation of existing commercial textures and active ingredients. With compounding, our teams of experts are fluent in creating prescription-strength skin lightening solutions that will deliver beautiful results with and without hydroquinone.

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