Compounding For Weight Loss And Fat Reduction

Compounding: A New Path To Weight Loss And Fat Reduction

It’s the busiest time of year for patients seeking non-invasive and non-surgical treatments to get ‘summer-ready’ and target fat that stubbornly resists diet and exercise. From supplements to popular body contouring treatments, there are countless options to choose from. To complement and maximize results, compounded medications offer prescribers alternative to treat the individual patient.

Our formulas kick-start the metabolism, boost energy and help eliminate fat in addition to supporting overall wellness.

Unique opportunities for alternative weight loss management*:


Often referred to as ‘lipo injections’, MIC is a powerful trio of symbiotic lipotropic (or fat burning) compounds. These assist in the breakdown of fat deposits in the liver, accelerates and optimizes the metabolic process by maintaining proper liver function, and boosts energy.

  • Inositol and methionine are shown to help the liver process fat while choline helps stem the build-up of cholesterol and supports detoxification.
  • MIC may be modified with the addition of Vitamin B12 (in either cyanacobalamin, hydroxycobalamin or methylcobalamin forms) B12 support Both fat elimination and boosted energy.
  • MIC injections are most effective when they are administered weekly for a period of around three months and combined with a whole-foods or elimination diet and regular exercise.


Human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (or hCG) has gained notoriety for supporting weight loss and it the hormone produced by the placenta in pregnant women after implantation. It works by suppressing hunger, burning fat (not muscle) when combined with a very low calorie diet and minimal exercise. By helping to retain muscle mass, and change the body mass distribution, hCG can promote more sustained weight loss over time.

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  • Available and used by both men and women as a weight management aid and as a testosterone antagonist.
  • Can be available as troches, sublingual drops, topically and as an intra-muscular injection.

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*None of these treatments are a cure or a replacement for proper nutrition, exercise or medication.

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