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Compounding Pharmacy

How to Choose a Compounding Pharmacy

Choosing a compounding pharmacy to fill your patients’ prescriptions is an important part of your job. There are three key factors to consider when making this decision: Qualifications: Consider the training and expertise of the pharmacy team. Do they hold current accreditations qualifying them to create the medications?Secure Supply Chain: Ask about their supply chain… Read more

Drug Shortages

Drug Shortages: How Compounding Can Fill the Void

No medical professional wants to think that the prescription they write for a patient will remain unfilled. Modern medicine provides untold relief, but that relief only exists when patients can access the drugs and therapies they need. Fortunately for you, and your patients, compounding pharmacies offer an easy solution to drug shortages.  Drug Shortages and… Read more

Pharmacists in sterile compounding lab

Understanding Sterile Compound Testing and Why It Matters

As a 503A compounding pharmacy, VLS Pharmacy is held to regulatory requirements by multiple governing bodies including the State Boards of Pharmacy, FDA, DEA, and credentialing agencies such as PCAB. Further, we hold ourselves accountable by subjecting our sterile drug compounds to tests that go above and beyond what is required of 503A compounding pharmacies. … Read more

Chemical peels for summer skin damage

Erase Summer Skin Damage & Treat “Maskne”: Compounding for Dermatology

With summer coming to a close, your patients may be looking to erase summer skin damage with thoughts of the upcoming holiday season. One glance at social media and influencer feeds grants access to the ongoing concerns of achieving healthy, glowing skin. This peek at perfection, combined with the conversion of the workforce to a… Read more


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