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The Use of Low Dose Naltrexone in Dermatology

Let’s discuss the use of low dose naltrexone in dermatology. Low dose naltrexone (LDN) is a competitive opioid receptor antagonist that is safe, non-toxic, and inexpensive. At standard therapeutic dosage, naltrexone blocks the effects of both natural (endorphin) opioids and pharmaceutical opioids. Naltrexone has been applied to several therapeutic scenarios. Primarily, it is used for… Read more

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Jump Start Summer Weight Loss with Custom Compounded Formulas

After a long winter in bulky clothing, your patients may feel intimidated by the summer season ahead. They may struggle to eliminate those extra seasonal pounds of unwanted weight. Fortunately, VLS Pharmacy and New Drug Loft can help with summer weight loss. Weight management is easier with the addition of custom compounded medical management treatments… Read more

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Next Steps In Response to the CARES ACT

Last week, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued warning letters to a number of companies for illegally selling over-the-counter (OTC) skin lightening products that contained hydroquinone and did not meet proper requirements. These warnings are a follow-up to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (the CARES Act), which was signed into law… Read more

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Everything You Need to Know About Nutritional IV Therapy and Immunity

Good nutrition and proper supplementation are important building blocks for boosting immunity – whether to prevent disease or combat a specific condition.  The recent battle against COVID-19 has increased the public’s awareness of the immune system and its importance in fighting off illnesses. As pandemic restrictions begin to lift and life is beginning to revert… Read more

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Help Your Patients Feel Confident With Cutting-Edge Compounding Options

As we approach St. Patrick’s Day, your patients may be thinking about getting lucky – both in and out of the bedroom. Unfortunately, many people are troubled by low libido, erectile dysfunction, or menopausal symptoms that make sexual intimacy difficult and frustrating. Additionally, they may face hair loss that impacts their confidence. There’s no reason… Read more


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