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Understanding the Beyond-Use Date (BUD) for Compounded Drugs

During storage, the potency of all medications decreases, and the potential for dangerous microbial growth increases over time. To prevent these changes from jeopardizing a patient’s health, drug manufacturers and compounding pharmacies assign dates beyond which medications should be discarded. Depending on the type of medication, either a beyond-use date (BUD) or an expiration date… Read more

a quick guide to steroids

A Quick Guide to Steroids

Corticosteroids (i.e., steroids) are synthetic versions of naturally-produced steroid hormones that have been used for decades to treat various inflammatory disorders. Depending on their regulation mechanism, steroids can be broadly classified as glucocorticoids, which regulate metabolism and inflammation, or mineralocorticoids, which regulate sodium and water levels. However, these two classes are not mutually-exclusive, as many… Read more

drug shortages

How Compounding Pharmacies Can Help During Drug Shortages

Compounding is a useful method for prescribers to tailor medications for individual patients when their needs cannot be met using a commercially available FDA-approved product. Compounding may also be used to help address drug shortages to ensure that prescribers can provide medications to their patients in the absence of a commercially manufactured drug. In this… Read more

ophthalmic compounding

The Current Landscape of Ophthalmic Compounding

An estimated 16 million adults in the United States (approximately 6.8 percent of the population) are diagnosed with dry eye disease (DED). Interestingly, the prevalence is higher among women than men and DED often increases with age, with a higher risk of diagnosis rate among those aged 45–54 years. The Benefits of Ophthalmic Compounding Due… Read more


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