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compounded peptides

Compounding Peptides: What Prescribers Should Know

Lately, there has been an uptick in patients requesting peptides for performance enhancements and anti-aging therapies. As a pharmacy, we hear from patients regularly that they want injectable peptide therapies, despite having limited knowledge about peptides. Prescribers for these therapies are unknowingly (and knowingly) sourcing compounded peptides, even though there are potential risks associated with… Read more

Semaglutide Alternatives for Weight Loss

Now that we are deep into February, patients are becoming more likely to break their New Year’s resolutions for weight loss. In fact, only a small percentage of people will maintain their weight loss resolutions for more than one or two months.1 To reach their ideal weight, patients may ask their prescribers for medications such… Read more

weight loss vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 Injections for Weight Loss and Metabolism for the New Year

Each New Year, millions of people set resolutions to lose weight, typically through a combination of diet and exercise. Many people often choose to supplement this approach with weight loss medications and supplements, such as vitamin B12. Since the 1950s, many studies have shown that vitamin B12 plays a role in the metabolism of lipids… Read more

Preparing Your Compounding Pharmacy for Changes to USP Chapters <795> and <797>

Due to the increased number of manipulations they undergo compared with commercial drugs, compounded drugs have more opportunities to become contaminated. The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) provides guidelines that instruct compounding pharmacies on best practices to avoid contamination. On November 1, 2022, the USP published its latest revisions to its compounding chapters <795> and <797>… Read more

Understanding the Beyond-Use Date (BUD) for Compounded Drugs

During storage, the potency of all medications decreases, and the potential for dangerous microbial growth increases over time. To prevent these changes from jeopardizing a patient’s health, drug manufacturers and compounding pharmacies assign dates beyond which medications should be discarded. Depending on the type of medication, either a beyond-use date (BUD) or an expiration date… Read more


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