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Behind-The-Scenes Exclusive: Compounding At VLS Pharmacy

What happens after you write a prescription? What is the lifecycle of a compounded medication as it is formulated and prepared for your patient? These questions are important, but more often than not, they remain unanswered. Our goal at VLS Pharmacy is to offer you a visual aid to demonstrate the compounding process in full.

Later this year, we plan to share an exclusive new video outlining the compounding process from start to finish at our very own VLS Pharmacy. We pride ourselves on transparency, strict quality and safety measures and investing in new technologies across our sterile and non-sterile compounding facilities. Soon, you will also be able to witness this in action, seeing firsthand the expertise and care that goes into providing patients with custom compounded medications.

Until then, please enjoy a sneak peek of our behind-the-scenes footage with a spotlight on key processes that make VLS Pharmacy unique:


Our facilities are both United States Pharmacopeia (USP) <797> and HD compliant with separate clean rooms delineating our sterile and non-sterile laboratories to eliminate any chance of cross-contamination. With the addition of USP <71> and USP <81> compliance for in-house sterility and antimicrobial assay testing, our quality control measures are among the industry’s finest.


State-of-the-art environmental monitoring systems track humidity, airflow, and temperature in our sterile facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We are one of the only 503A compounding facilities in the country with this system (typically found in large pharmaceuticals facilities) that guarantees the best conditions for even the most delicate compounding processes.

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PCCA-trained pharmacists prepare light-sensitive formulations such as methylcobalamin under an advanced amber hood that provides UV protection when needed. Without this integral technology, medications could immediately start to degrade upon exposure to light.

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